ASP Historic Property Sales Methods

“Leave the national and international marketing of your historic /luxury property to experienced professionals!”

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We at Auer, Springer & Partner know that the decision to sell or lease out your palace, castle or luxury property is not an easy one. That is why it is all the more important to put your trust in an experienced partner who will guide you every step of the way. We are dedicated to selling and leasing out stately homes, castles, manor houses, palaces, luxury villas, historic properties, memorials and landmarks and have many tools and techniques to make prospective buyers eager to buy or lease your historic or luxury property.

Selling or leasing out palaces, luxury properties and tourist real estate? We at Auer, Springer & Partner do nothing else? Just one of many factors making us your ideal partner? Find out more about us!

What is the best way to sell or lease my business?

Open marketing

The best way to grab people’s attention when selling a property is to put all your cards on the table making it clear you want to sell and disclosing full details of the palace or castle in question. This leads to more publicity and more interest in your property which can create competition between prospective buyers or lessees effectively pushing up the price and accelerating the selling/leasing process. Put all your cards on the table and there is only one way forward. Open marketing is the most sure-fire way of sealing a deal and can often result in a much higher selling price being obtained for your hotel or gastronomy property. When choosing open marketing it is absolutely vital that all staff, business partners, banks, etc. are involved in the selling process so as to avoid potential problems in your day-to-day business.

Discreet marketing of stately homes, castles, palaces and luxury properties

This means testing the waters without arousing widespread suspicion. This type of marketing works by conveying just enough information via suitable forms of marketing to selected markets to make potential buyers or lessees want to know more. They will then contact one of our expert brokers and only after their identity, intentions and available equity have been successfully verified, will we disclose further information and documents about your business. Discreet marketing aims to prevent suppliers, partners, guest, staff, etc. finding about your plans to sell and therefore limits any disruptive effects on day-to-day business. We nevertheless highly recommend that you inform your bank(s), tax advisor and legal advisor about your plans to sell. Make sure you are well-prepared for the eventuality that other parties do find out about your plans. Your personal broker for historic and luxury properties can help you do this.

The hotel brokers at ASPI AG will be able to develop a tailored marketing strategy for your property based on your requirements and status quo.

ASP Global Luxury Properties will always market your property effectively

Whichever marketing strategy we develop for your historic property, your palace, castle or luxury property, we at ASP are confident that we will either already have many serious prospective buyers or lessees for your property on our books or that we will be able to raise significant interest through our sales and marketing strategies and various marketing channels.

ASP Global Luxury Properties Contact prospective buyers and lessees directly

Our database of prospective buyers, lessees and investors, hundreds of existing search requests for hotel properties and gastronomy businesses, our network of offices and our employee expertise all enable us to find the right buyer for your property in a foreseeable time period. Our historic property brokers will market your property with a well-thought-out and targeted strategy.

ASP Global Hotel Brokers market your historical property in a creative and diverse manner

In addition to placing eye grabbing advertisements in regional, national and international newspapers and industry publications, we also use all kinds of direct marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations. Your property will be professionally marketed discreetly or openly, depending on which marketing strategy is chosen, in seven languages worldwide. This guarantees blanket coverage for your property and gives us the best chance of finding the right buyer or lessee, wherever in the world they may be. As we already have hundreds of search requests from prospective buyers and lessees on file, we generally know if we already have someone for whom for whom your palace, castle or luxury property would be an 80-100% match. If this is the case then we will call them and provide them with the details of your property. We also send e-marketing newsletters containing properties which may be suitable for prospective buyers/lessees based on the search requests we have on file for them.

ASP Global Castle Brokers are committed to selling or leasing your property in an efficient manner

Our experienced brokers for historic properties use various tried and tested property valuation methods to determine a suitable price range for your property. Our expert brokers ensure that the property particulars in our marketing material comprehensively cover all marketing aspects. Depending on which type of marketing has been chosen we will create marketing material for your property in up to 18 different languages including Chinese and Russian.

And one more very important thing about our cooperation:

ASP Global Luxury Properties will only ever market your property in accordance with the terms of our contractual agreement with you and we are more than happy to go through these with you in detail if so wished. After receiving information about your property from us it is perfectly natural for prospective buyers or lessees to go on to research your property on the internet, on review and marketing sites, and in some cases they may even stay at your property anonymously. All this is nothing to be afraid of if you have informed us about all aspects which may be favourable or detrimental to selling/leasing your property. Try to be as honest with us as possible – only then can we develop the right sales and marketing strategy for your property and be fully prepared.