Buying leisure properties (ski areas, golf courses, spas, marinas, theme parks)

"ASP is the world's leading real estate agency for the purchasing and brokering of recreational real estate, ski areas, golf courses, marinas, spas, amusement parks and theme parks / water parks, as well as excursion sights and tourist attractions!“

ASPI AG Broker for ski resorts, adventure parks, Schigebiete, Golfanlagen

ASPI AG is the leading broker for sports and leisure real estate. The leading international specialist brokers for the purchase and the provision of recreational real estate and sports real estate, Auer, Springer & Partner (ASP Global Hotel brokers) have been the main port of call for prospective buyers since 1983 for:

ASP has over 30 years of successful international experience in the consultation, development and sale of ski areas, spas, marinas, leisure and theme parks, zoos and nature parks, and other relevant tourist attractions and excursions sights. Tourism experts with decades of consulting and development experience in all tourist sectors, guarantee the highest level of professionalism and discretion, with a close-knit global network with direct contact to property owners, banks and insurance companies, funds, and family foundations, etc., who want to sell a ski area, golf course, spa, amusement park, theme park, marina, hunting ground or other similar property. When it comes to purchasing a hotel, leisure or sports real estate, with ASP Global Hotel Brokers you are in the best possible hands.

ASP Global Hotel Brokers currently has approximately 725 hotels, 80 palaces, 120 luxury properties and around 45 leisure and sports properties (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, marinas, theme parks, destinations and tourist attractions) exclusively available for sale worldwide - in all sizes, categories, price ranges and in more than 50 countries.

What awaits you if you are interested in the purchase of recreational real estate from ASP?

You are aware of course that the complete sale or partial sale of leisure and sports real estate is a highly sensitive and discreet affair. The owners of ski areas, golf courses, spas, marinas and other leisure properties do not want publicity surrounding the sale of their property, hence they only wish to deal and negotiate with reputable buyers. Each seller will have provided the professional brokers at ASPI AG with a list of requirements which prospective buyers have to fulfill. If you register your interest in the purchase of leisure real estate, the competent specialist broker will carry out an in-depth interview with you in order to learn more about you and your business, your goals and wishes, your budget and your time frame so as to be able to propose appropriate properties to you.

Before granting access to details of the ski areas, golf courses, spas, amusement parks, marinas and other recreational and sports real estate for sale, your professional broker will require you to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Some owners of recreational real estate and ski areas will require proof of a sufficient amount of capital. Your specialist broker for leisure real estate will advise you individually on this. In any case this proof is required of prospective buyers wishing to gain access to documents required for due diligence tests (balance sheets, occupancy rates, plans, annual reports, frequency figures, technical reports, maintenance contracts, etc.). This is also required before a visit can be arranged, or before we begin with purchase negotiations and acquisition negotiations.

We look forward to your request to purchase a ski area, a spa, a golf course / a marina / a tourist attraction, or leisure and theme parks

The specialist broker for sports and leisure real estate at ASPI AG under the direction of Bodo Graf von Hardenberg, Enikö Horvath, Susanne Ronnacher, Dr. Fritz Weiring and Allegra Vanderbilt in Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Sarnen / Zurich are looking forward to your request for the purchase of recreational and sports real estate. For reasons of confidentiality, we only list very few leisure and sports real estate on our homepage. If you are interested in purchasing, participating, or investing in this sector, please contact us directly.

The experts for leisure real estate at ASPI AG offer expert advice, assistance in due diligence and purchase negotiations, advice on purchase and support during the takeover.

The ASPI AG offers the ideal global marketplace for hotels, sports and recreational real estate, and has the most experienced professionals and professional specialist brokers in this sector. ASPI AG currently has around 725 hotels, about 80 castles, approximately 120 luxury real estate and around 45 leisure and sports real estate available for sale, some being very well-known. This makes us by far the largest international and most successful broker and agent for hotels, ski resorts, castles, luxury and recreational real estate.

We are looking forward to your enquiry!

The purchase of recreational real estate is always a matter of the Board of Directors or the Managing Director of ASPI AG! 

Prospective buyers of leisure real estate can reach us at any time at our office number +41 / (0) 43 / 550 73 18 or mobile phone discretely under +49 / (0) 172 / 843 20 94 or at +43 / (0) 664 / 410 94 70. 

Or use our contact form and, if possible, tell us your wishes in detail. One of our CEO or Board members will be in contact with you shortly.

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