Sealing the Deal

„Auer, Springer & Partner – your partner in all stages of buying and leasing hotels and gastronomy properties. Your ASP hotel broker will do the job properly and ensure you get the best possible deal“

ASP Hotel verkauft verpachtet sold leased

The time has come for the most important part of selling or leasing your property!  The final stage with the investor, prospective buyer or lessee! You are all set. The buyer or lessee knows all about your property and you may have got to know your buyer / lessee well. At this stage of proceedings your hotel broker will work extremely closely with you. He will try to negotiate the ideal selling price for both parties, collate the necessary documents for lawyers and notaries and clarify any confusion, with the aim of creating a mutual win-win situation for seller/lessor and buyer/lessee.

If there are several serious prospective buyers / lessees for your hotel or gastronomy property, your hotel broker will negotiate simultaneously and try to obtain a better selling price or lease rate, to improve the conditions of the sale / lease and to be able to offer you the best partner for your transaction. If you then choose to accept this binding offer, your hotel broker will ensure the final contract is drawn up, will arrange appointments with tax advisors, lawyers, notaries and once the contracts have been exchanged they will organise the handover of your business to the new owners or lessees.

Trust us, lean back and relax, your ASP Global Hotel Broker has everything under control.