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ASPI AG, 6060 Sarnen, Kernserstr. 29, Switzerland and ASP Strategy Consultants Ltd., 80539 Munich, Maximilianstrasse 2, Germany – hereinafter referred to as ASPI give notice of the following disclaimers:

We ask for your understanding that due to the confidentiality of many hotel properties, palaces and leisure real estate only a fraction of the real estate we have for sale can be found on this website. The website may also still feature properties for which an offer has already been made, contracts drawn up or for which both parties have already reached an agreement on price. Our specialist brokers are happy to provide you with further information on any businesses or properties listed on this website as well as any other properties which are not featured here.

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Please note: any infringement of copyright laws will result in a claim for damages and will result in prosecution.

Legal Information

The property particulars listed are intended for use by individuals who are familiar with business transactions of this kind. If you are unsure whether you fit this description, we recommend seeking independent advice from ASPI’s board of directors, managers or expert brokers. In your own interests and for your own protection as well as that of the sellers, owners and managers of our properties on whose behalf we are acting (“customers”) ASPI points out that:

a. The property particulars, information, photos and descriptions ASPI provides are intended for the benefit of and as guidance for prospective buyers and lessees. They are not part of a proposal or contract. We assume that all details are correct and complete but ASPI cannot guarantee this. So as to protect and not to damage properties which are still in active use, we will change and edit information about location, size and facilities. We therefore highly recommend that you make your own enquiries and visitations. ASPI and its customers are not liable for any incorrect or incomplete information. Errors, omissions, misrepresentations or incorrect descriptions shall not annul or cancel a sale or lease. Neither do they form a legal basis for the termination of a contract or for possible damage claims. Neither the companies ASPI AG in Sarnen and ASP Strategy Consultants in Munich, nor the employees of either company can be made liable for any possible losses, damages, costs, expenses other compensation claims which may arise from inaccuracies or missing figures, annual accounts or other information. Only the details later agreed upon by contract are binding.

b. None of the information concerning property particulars should be relied upon as statements or representations of fact. Potential buyers or lessees must satisfy themselves, by inspection, by other enquiries and by requesting official documents for a due diligence test, as to the accuracy of each of the statements contained in the property particulars.

c. ASPI, its employees and its customers cannot provide any kind of warranty or guarantee with regards to any properties.

All rights reserved. Copyright ASPI AG Sarnen