Hotel Property Management by the ASPI AG

"Professional management of hotel properties for owners, investors, family foundations, banks, insurers and trusts!'

ASPI AG Hotelverwaltung Hotelimmobilien professional hotel property management

The management of hotel real estate, hotel chains, spas, golf courses, marinas and amusement parks is a case for the specialist real estate managers at ASPI.

Hotel management problems:

  1. You have one or more hotels, which are leased to hotel operators or hotel chains?
  2. You intend to purchase one or more hotels, golf courses or thermal baths as an investment, but not to operate and maintain them?
  3. Municipalities are often owners of hotel properties either voluntarily or involuntarily?
  4. You have no idea about the hotel or gastronomy industry, but want your hotel, or your restaurant operated and managed professionally?
  5. You want to build a hotel chain from several hotels?
  6. You cannot or do not want to look for a professional management service for these properties!

Solution: Professional management of tourism and leisure real estate by the hotel experts of ASPI AG

When it comes to situations like the above you are in good hands in a special section of the ASPI AG which specializes in the professional and efficient management of hotel properties, gastronomy and leisure real estate. You can rest assured that the professional management of hotels, hotel real estate, golf real estate, recreational real estate, and commercial real estate for property owners is in good hands with us. Securing value, retaining value, constant renovation and rehabilitation, seamless full occupancy and increasing the value of hotel real estate, hotels, restaurants, and recreational real estate is the prime objective of our work. Many banks, insurance companies, funds, hotel investors, private owners, family foundations, etc. have been putting their trust in our hotel and leisure real estate specialists for over 30 years to professionally manage their hotels / hotel properties, gastronomy and recreational real estate, etc.

Many years of good cooperation with the best craftsmen, contractors, hotel designers, hotel furnishers, service companies, window construction companies, conservators and preservationists in many countries and regions. Negotiating the best possible conditions for services and the purchase of goods. Very transparent accounting and auditing collection according to international standards. Great technical and management expertise, the most advanced real estate management software, reliability, fairness, correctness and transparency in all areas - that is our guarantee and promise to property owners and investors. No matter whether we manage one property or 48 international hotel and gastronomy properties for you (as is the case for our largest customers in the hotel real estate management.)

Finding the best tenant and operator for your hotel real estate, drawing up and concluding the best possible contracts with hotel operators and the management of lessee payments is also the task of the professional hotel real estate manager at ASPI AG - your tourism real estate management.

Hotel real estate managers and hotel brokers also complete the long-term preparation of a hotel property for the sales market. There are specific measures and tasks to carry out in order to ‘prepare the bride for sale in an optimal way'.

We are looking forward to hearing from you about professionally managing your leisure real estate, hotel or your hotel property. With the hotel real estate managers at Auer, Springer & Partner, you are in the best possible hands. Following your enquiry one of our hotel managers / real estate administrators will contact you to discuss your property and the type and depth of management needed with you. After these details are clarified, we will need as many details about your hotel or restaurant as possible so that it can be properly managed in your interest.

The advantages for owners of using the Auer, Springer & Partner real estate management service for hotels, commercial real estate, golf courses or spas:

- Many years of experience in the professional management of national & international hotel real estate, golf courses, spas, residential and commercial buildings, etc.

- Extensive experience in managing hotels and hotel properties that are operated by national and international operators.

- Guarantee of value preservation, prevention of renovation delays for hotels and hotel real estate by a large package of measures.

- State-of-the-art real estate management software and transparent real estate statements for the owner.

- Maximum professionalism in all areas of the real estate management of hotels, restaurant real estate, golf courses and spas

- Excellent contacts to tradesmen, building companies, service providers, hotel decorators, hotel furnishing companies, architects, etc. in many countries.

- Transparent open billing system according to international standards

- Absolute independence and integrity in all areas of tourism real estate

- Large international network of partners in this specialised segment

- Best relations and contacts to 135 national and international hotel operators / hotel chains, which guarantees a seamless rental / leasing of properties when existing leases expire.

- Special package of measures in preparation for the sale or lease of a hotel / hotel real estate / spa / golf course / etc.

If you are looking for the perfect management of your hotel or hotel real estate, please contact the professional and experienced real estate manager / hotel administrators at Auer, Springer & Partner in full confidence.
Auer service is your success!