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ASP international types of hotels for sale

Auer/Springer/Partners currently differentiates at least 80 different types of hotels and explains them in terms and descriptions using a simple scheme. These hotel types are subject to constant change and adaptation and the number is ever increasing. The terms used for hotel classifications come predominantly from American terminology. Different types of hotels often overlap with one another and are therefore referred to differently depending on the classification criterion.

ASP Global hotel brokers classification criteria as a guide / according to:


  1. City Hotel - Downtown Hotel / Suburban hotel
  2. Beach Hotel - Beach Resort
  3. Mountain Hotel
  4. Lake Hotel
  5. Ski Hotel
  6. Glacier Hotel
  7. Country Hotel
  8. Spa Hotel

Degree and/or extent of the services provided:

  1. Full Board Hotel
  2. Bed and Breakfastt
  3. Budget Hotel
  4. Guesthouse
  5. Apartment Hotel - all suite Hotel
  6. Residential Hotel / Condominium Hotel
  7. All-inclusive Hotel

The transportation orientation:

  1. Railway Station Hotel
  2. Airport Hotel
  3. Fair Hotel
  4. Motorway Hotel
  5. Motel

Duration of stay:

  1. Short Stay Hotel
  2. Holiday Hotel - Resort Hotel
  3. Holiday Village - Vacation Village


  1. Business Hotel
  2. Convention Hotel
  3. Seminar Hotel
  4. Casino Hotel
  5. Theatre Hotel
  6. Sport Hotel
  7. Spa Hotel
  8. Art Hotel
  9. Design Hotel
  10. Safari Lodges
  11. Family Hotel
  12. Baby Hotel
  13. Horse Hotel
  14. Animal Hotel
  15. Tennis Hotel, Golf Hotel, Sailing Hotel, ...

Commercial classification:

  1. Franchise Hotel
  2. Chain Hotel
  3. Cooperation Hotel
  4. Private Hotel

the construction type and special types:

  1. Castle Hotel, Fort Hotel, Landmark Hotel
  2. Village Hotel
  3. Resort Hotel
  4. Theme Hotel
  5. Amusement Park Hotel
  6. Bungalow Hotel
  7. Suite Hotel
  8. Igloo Hotel
  9. Underwater Hotel
  10. Boutique Hotel
  11. Adult Hotel
  12. Hour Hotel
  13. Organic Hotel
  14. Handicap Hotel
  15. Ladies Hotel
  16. ......


In Europe hotels are classified in star categories according to the generosity of their public areas, the available facilities and service, as well as the number and type of staff. However, since each country has their own regulations and specifications these ratings are only comparable to a certain extent.

1 star   - appropriately furnished
2 stars - appropriately and sufficiently furnished
3 stars - exclusively furnished (standard)
4 stars - first class facilities (high)
5 stars - exclusive, luxurious facilities (deluxe)

1 Star

Simple budget accommodation. Minimum requirements: Breakfast, bed linen changed 1x per week, sink in the room, towel.

2 Stars

Functional, low-cost furnishings with enhanced comfort, in new buildings with more than three-storeys an elevator; radio and TV in the room.

3 Stars

Middle-class hotel with better facilities and services. Requirements: from 15 rooms reception, buffet breakfast, three-course menu or menu, 12-hour drink service, in house bar, rooms with satellite or cable TV, writing material, telephone, bed linen changed at least 2 x per week, laundry and ironing service.

4 Stars

First-class hotel with generous room sizes, good sound-proofing and a comprehensive range of services (e.g., wellness, sport, gastronomy, seminar rooms). First-class reception area with seats, an elevator in hotels with more than two-storeys, breakfast buffet with service for hot beverages, restaurants with four-course menus or buffet, room safes, laundry service with return within 24 hours, all rooms with bath/WC or shower/WC, cosmetic mirror, shower screen, daily change of towels, bed linen change available daily upon request.

5 Stars

Luxury hotel, luxurious amenities, refined atmosphere, perfect service, large rooms with separate living / sleeping area (new building 22m2), spacious bathroom with bathtub, shower, bidet and double wash basins, bath robes, scale. In a new building a separate WC, reception is open around the clock, elevator from the first floor, high quality restaurant, 24-hour snack area, parking service, car park.

The ratio of staff to rooms:

* and ** 1:10
*** 1:6
**** 1:3
***** 1:2

The terms superior / luxury which have sprung up over the last few years in different hotel categories (3 to 5-star hotels) do not usually represent a separate category but offer special extras with regards to the range of services and the service offered when compared to similar hotels in the same category.

The hotel facilities and services are rated using a point system. These points when added together form the basis for the hotel’s classification.

The guidelines of the WTO generally apply (World Tourist Organization).

In the United States there are four categories: budget, mid-price, first class and luxury.

The expert brokers at ASP are always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have concerning hotel categories and types.