Intermediaries, Insolvency Administrators, Public Accountants, etc.

„ASP welcomes and actively promotes joint business with reputable intermediaries, banks, insolvency administrators, lawyers and public accountants!“

Insolvenzverwalter Verkauf von Hotels, Golfplatz, Schigebiet, Gasthof ASPI AG

ASP Global Hotel Brokers & Luxury Properties currently has around 725 hotels, 80 palaces and castles, 120 luxury properties and around 40 leisure properties (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, marinas, recreational parks) exclusively available for sale. More than 90% of the properties we have on offer are marketed exclusively by Auer, Springer & Partner.

Commission brokerage

Are you an insolvency administrator, public accountant, lawyer, bank, asset manager or other reputable intermediary and know of a property owner, bank, insurance company, or funds manager that would be interested in engaging ASP Global Hotel Brokers & Luxury Properties to sell a hotel, leisure property, stately home/castle/palace, or other leisure property professionally and on the international stage?

We may be well-positioned on the market, have contact to many hoteliers, banks, insurance providers, private trusts, investors, funds managers and restaurateurs, possess a wide international network, international buying channels und methods to find suitable properties, but we cannot possibly know of every prospective seller with an appealing and suitable property. If you know of someone – refer them to us!

If so wished we will conclude a contract with you guaranteeing you a certain commission if we are able to successfully sell the property which you will receive as soon as we have received our brokerage commission.

All the employees, expert brokers and property brokers at ASPI AG and its affiliated companies work for every customer without regard to personal factors, company affiliation, gender, religion or membership of a particular institute. Respectability, discretion and professionalism are our basic principles. Trust is of the utmost importance in our line of work.