Joint Sales Transactions with Brokers and Intermediaries

"ASP welcomes and encourages joint business transactions with professional, reputable brokers and intermediaries!“

ASPI AG Makler Gemeinschaftsgeschaeft - brokers joint transactions

ASP Global Hotel Brokers & Luxury Properties always has an exclusive worldwide real estate portfolio of 650-850 hotel real estate, 75-90 palaces and castles, 110-130 luxury real estate and between 30 and 50 recreational real estate (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, marinas, theme parks). Auer, Springer & Partner have an exclusive representation for sale on over 90% of the properties we have on offer.

You are a licensed professional real estate agent / investment manager and have a reputable prospective buyer interested in the purchase, or rent of one of our hotel properties, castles, and luxury or leisure real estate? Although we are well-positioned nationally and internationally and have a large customer base, a large international network for sales channels and clients, we cannot know of every potential customer for our high-quality real estate. But you might!

Of course, we are open to working with reputable and professional brokers and intermediaries, and would enjoy working with you. In this networked day and age this is a successful business model with a future. 

When it comes to working with ASP AG a number of basic rules apply, to which there are no exceptions (so please do not ask):

All employees, professional brokers, and real estate agents at the ASPI AG and all its affiliated companies work for each customer without regard to personal factors, company affiliation, gender, religion or membership of a particular institute. Integrity, discretion and professionalism in all areas are the basic principles of our work. Trust is the highest value in our business.

Please appreciate the fact that we will not reply to any email or telephone enquiries that begin in such a manner:

I have an investor who... wishes to remain anonymous… / my customer would like to remain anonymous initially... / my client is incredibly prominent... / my client is an international group... / I am working on behalf of a .... investor... / or words to that effect. 

Such requests can only end badly. Over the last 30 years we have received tens of thousands of similar enquiries and requests; the senders of which are added to a telephone and email blacklist. In addition, emails which do not include a full company name, address, telephone numbers, etc. will not be answered and are deleted.