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"I need experienced partners who can offer help and advice regarding all aspects of leisure, health and sport properties; be it investment, buying/renting or selling/letting!"

Expert Broker Ski resorts, golf courses, adventure parks, sports parks

Since 1983 the ASPI AG has developed to become an international market leader in the leisure, health and sport real estate brokerage industry and strives to find the right buyer for every property and the right property and solution for every customer.

A specific condition, size, selling price, occupancy rate or efficiency are not prerequisites when it comes to ASP agreeing to help sell/let a hotel or gastronomy establishment. It is, however, important that these factors are reflected in the selling price/lease rates. This enables us to find a buyer/investor/lessee within an economically viable and foreseeable time frame.

ASP Leisure, Sport and Health Property Experts: