Our expectations towards prospective buyers

"Trust is a two-way street and thus, we as well as the owners of castles, historic homes and luxury real estate expect from reputable prospective buyers honesty, reliability and transparency!"

Serioese Kaufinteressenten fuer Schloesser, Burgen und historische Immobilien

Your manner of dealing with the castle estate agents / specialist brokers of ASPI AG

As a rule all requests submitted to ASP are generally free of charge and the specialist brokers and castle brokers at ASPI AG will provide you with the documents for a castle, or any other available luxury real estate, as prearranged with the property owners for each respective stage of negotiations. 

ASPI AG specialist brokers for castles and historic properties

Your specialist broker for luxury homes, castles and historic properties at Auer, Springer & partner shall provide you with the property particulars, information and documentation of your choosing as quickly and as completely as possible. They will endeavour to find appropriate properties to offer you and to visit with you, no matter whether the selected hotel real estate is in Kitzbühel, southern France, on the North Sea coast, in the Crimea, in South Africa, or in Uruguay. Our brokers will give you their time and expert knowledge and are available at any time - even on weekends, Sundays and bank holidays.

What we expect from you as reputable buyers in return, is openness, honesty, as well as timely and detailed objective and subjective feedback on the properties we recommend to you following viewings.

On the one hand this enables us to be much more precise in meeting your wishes and requirements and on the other hand we can discuss, deal with and resolve any problems which may have arisen with the property owners themselves.

And: Your ASP broker will not mind if you turn down a property

Your hotel broker will have absolutely no problem, if after examining all the documents or a lengthy viewing you inform them that the property is not suitable for you - whatever the reason. The more details you can provide as to why the property is not suitable, the better! This way we can understand your needs, wishes and 'quirks' and be able to offer you more suitable properties in the future. The hotel broker can also discuss your reasoning with the property owner so that they may be able to take action to secure a sale in the future.

Confidential documents

Property owners provide our brokers with floor plans and photos of the interior of inhabited castles, plans for security systems, balance sheets, financial analysis, land registry excerpts, occupancy rates, staff levels and similar information for their property with the stipulation that these be handled with the greatest of care. They may only be handed over to prospective investors, buyers and lessees under certain circumstances. This also serves to protect the property and the owner.

Trust for Trust

Property owners set great store by our consultants and brokers only allowing serious and trusted prospective investors, buyers, and lessees access to these highly confidential documents. Following any request regarding a property your designated hotel broker will usually require some specific personal details and documentation from you. The identity of any prospective buyer or lessee has to be clarified in accordance with money laundering regulations (GWG – Geldwäschegesetz). We usually require clients to sign a declaration of confidentiality, as well as providing information about their available equity, existing collateral for the lease deposit, proof of finances, etc. Thereafter you have access to confidential property documents, we will give you an in-depth tour of the property and the path to purchase / lease negotiations is open to you.

Please do not interpret our demands for details of your available equity, proof of identity or copies of the commercial register as distrust in your person, or your company. We must perform our work conscientiously and to gather the necessary information as required by the owners, and money laundering regulations (GWG). Otherwise we would make ourselves liable to prosecution and liable for damages. This applies to every individual, company and institution without exception and is not dependent on economic or political importance, rank or name.

Guaranteed confidentiality of all received documents

The employees of ASPI and its subsidiaries are subject to the same strict obligations of confidentiality and non-disclosure which apply to all business consultants, accountants and tax advisors. This obligation to maintain secrecy / client protection / client secrecy can only be lifted on the basis of a court order. The documents submitted about your financial history, collateral, account status, bank details, etc. are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are not directly communicated to the owner of the real estate in question. Rather, the real estate owner receives binding confirmation from the specialist broker / consultant at ASP, that the required documentation has been received and that equity, securities, approval for financing, etc. have been verified and are sufficient to buy the object directly, or to organise financing to do so. This means that the prospective investor, buyer or lessee is not at a disadvantage in negotiations and both parties can negotiate fairly on a level playing field.

We put our trust in you and expect openness and honesty in return

Reputable investors, buyers or lessees have no qualms disclosing their financial situation, available equity, collateral, financing commitments, etc. corresponding to the purchase price / lease rate of the selected real estate. Your specialist broker remains at your side and will endeavour to help you secure your ideal property. They will help you organise financing and support you in price negotiations, administrative procedures, contract finalization and the ultimate handover of the property. The hotel brokers at ASPI AG can be trusted to support you in any situation and can often achieve the impossible in dealings with owners, authorities and banks. The prerequisite for this is mutual trust and the right chemistry.