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“I need experienced partners who can offer help and advice regarding all aspects of the purchase and sale of historic properties, palaces and castles, urban palaces, private islands and unique luxury properties!”

ASP International leading expert brokers for castles and historic properties

ASP Global Luxury Properties, with Bodo Graf von Hardenberg at its head, specialises in selling, letting, leasing and finding historic, luxury and unique properties in the most beautiful worldwide locations. The company has particularly made a name for itself in the successful brokerage of palaces and castles of all kinds and conditions in almost every European country. ASP currently has approximately 85 palaces, castles and stately homes and around 120 luxury and unique properties available for sale.

Highly experienced and specialized brokers are available to answer owners’ and sellers’ questions regarding these unique properties. Our discretion, high level of professionalism, and extensive experience in the sale and brokerage of historic and luxury buildings, palaces, and castles make ASP (Auer/Spinger/Partner) an international market leader in this sector.

ASP Historic Buildings, Palaces/Castles, Luxury Real Estate and Unique properties: