Registered Customers Looking for Properties

“Auer/Springer/Partner already has hundreds of search requests from prospective hotel, palace, leisure and luxury property buyers – there might be someone out there looking for exactly your property!”

ASP gives prospective buyers and lessees the option of submitting a search request recording their property wishes and search criteria in great detail. We also keep a record of the amount of equity available to them, information about the prospective buyer themselves and a whole host of other information. In addition to compiling search requests, we also carry out in-depth personal interviews with many of our prospective customers about their wishes and their search criteria. The details of which are then meticulously recorded by one of our expert brokers.

Every month ASP receives hundreds of search requests for the most varied types of properties from private individuals, investors, companies, hotel chains, family trusts, funds, banks, insurance companies, etc. This provides our brokers with a real insight into the buying market and means that as a first step we can confidentially offer new properties to a wide range of existing leads.

Search request for buying or leasing hotel or gastronomy properties

In the case of hotels prospective buyers and lessees can specify a particular region/location, category, condition, range of facilities, size, number of seasons, target customers, form of operation, selling price, return on investment and many other aspects in their search request.

Search request for buying palaces, castles, manor houses, palais

In the case of palaces prospective buyers can specify the type of castle/palace, the region and location, residential or commercial palace, farming possibilities, condition, facilities, selling price, etc.

Search request for buying or investing in leisure property

Prospective customers can also submit a search request for leisure real estate (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, recreational parks, marinas, hunting lodges, zoos, etc.)

Search request for buying luxury real estate

ASP also has search requests for luxury properties (villas, penthouses, private islands, unique properties, etc.) and plots of land in specific regions and locations, with particular facilities, development potential, selling price, size, and in a particular condition, etc.

Search request for investing in hotel or leisure property

ASP also accepts search requests from investors/buyers for equity participation and investment opportunities. You choose:

The very first thing are expert brokers do when they receive new hotels, palaces, castles, leisure properties, etc. to sell, is to go through and compare these with pre-existing search requests. Our first step is to offer your property to registered customers with a matching search request and we only use normal sale methods and professional marketing if we cannot find a suitable match in this way.