Search Request for Castles and Luxury Real Estate

"'Your wish is our command! Provide us with as many details, wishes and requirements as possible with regards to your desired castle, palace, or other historic property!"

Mit ASP Ihr Traumschloss finden und kaufen. Schloss kaufen

Our range of historic and luxury real estate

The leading international specialist broker ASP Global Luxury Properties and Castles constantly has between 70 and 90 palaces and castles, and approximately 120 historic properties, mansions, city palaces, luxury real estate, old mills, towers, monuments and landmarks, as well as around 725 hotel properties for sale. Only a small proportion of our range can be found on our home page. A large proportion of our properties are confidential and not disclosed to the wider public; the largest amount for sale is accessed in a strictly confidential manner and dozens of dream homes have not yet been publicized. This means that we have not yet started with the sale of the historic property or castle, but we already have most of the details at our company. For example, we might already know that a particular castle will be available in 8, 12 or 18 months, because the seller wants to inhabit it until then.

The search request for your dream castle

Numerous serious buyers submit a so-called 'search request, or 'Christmas wish list' to the specialist brokers at ASP. You can use this to define your ideal property in detail and our expert brokers for historic and luxury homes will then pick out matching properties to present to you from those that are available on the open market, those that are not disclosed to the general public, and those that are not yet officially for sale. The more precise, detailed information you give us, the better the properties will match your criteria. We do not charge for search requests or presenting properties; the usual commission brokerage fees only become applicable upon completion of a contract.

Talk to one of ASP’s specialist brokers for historic properties and luxury real estate and together we can determine the property that best suits you and your requirements. We will invest our time for you.

Some parameters for your search request:

Property type:

Palace, castle, mansion, city palace, hunting grounds, private island, luxury villa, luxury penthouse apartment, building plot, winery, agricultural estate, zoo, etc.


Country, state, tourism region, locality, importance of the city (state capital, etc.), ski area, coastal region, island, etc.


Downtown, outskirts, near to the city, rural, village, panoramic location, accessibility, on the beach or close to the beach, quiet, lively, very busy, secluded

Type of dream property:

Size and quality:

Living area, number of rooms, area of the grounds

Condition and development:

Condition, expansion possibilities, plot size

Selling price:

Asking price range


Available equity, investment capital