The ASP Search Request

"The quickest and most successful way of finding your dream property or investment in the shortest space of time!”

ASP search query for hotels, castles, ski resorts, golf courses, luxury properties

The quickest way to find the most appropriate hotel property, real estate, dream castle, restaurant, the perfect golf course, or a highly profitable investment is to use the ASP search request. Here prospective buyers, lessees, individuals, investors, companies, banks, insurance companies, funds, family offices, funds, institutions, etc. can make all their wishes and requirements for a certain property or investment known to the professional ASP brokers.

After registering, you can submit your search request / list of wishes and requirements online. Alternatively, we also offer all registered prospective buyers and lessees an in-depth telephone or personal interview with one of our specialist professional brokers in which you can discuss any special wishes and requirements for your desired property or investment. Naturally, these interviews are free of charge.

On the one hand, this has the advantage that we will only select properties that truly meet your requirements and on the other hand, search queries and personal interviews enable our specialist ASPI brokers to understand which properties and regions interest you.

Your wishes and requirements will not only be compared with our current real estate portfolio but also with the list of objects that will be coming on the market in the next 18 months but are not officially available for sale yet.

ASP search request for the purchase / lease of hotel real estate / restaurant properties

In the case of hotels prospective buyers / lessees / investors can specify a particular region/location, category, condition, range of facilities, size, number of seasons, target customers, form of operation, selling price, return on investment and many other aspects in their search request.

ASP search query for the purchase of castles, mansions, palaces

In the case of palaces prospective buyers can specify the type of castle/palace, the region and location, residential or commercial palace, farming possibilities, condition, facilities, selling price, etc.

ASP search request for the purchase or participation in leisure real estate

Prospective customers can also submit a search request for leisure real estate (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, recreational parks, marinas, hunting lodges, zoos, etc.

ASP search request for the purchase of luxury real estate

ASP also has search requests for luxury properties (villas, penthouses, private islands, unique properties, etc.) and plots of land in specific regions and locations, with particular facilities, development potential, selling price, size, and in a particular condition, etc.

ASP search request for financial participation / investment in hotels and leisure property

ASP also accepts search requests from investors/buyers for equity participation and investment opportunities. You specify:

Another advantage of the search request: 

You are the first to know about a new property that meets your requirements!

The very first thing our expert brokers do when they receive new hotels, palaces, castles, leisure properties, etc. to sell, is to go through and compare these with pre-existing search requests. If a new real estate matches your search requirements exactly then it is offered to you weeks before it will be offered to the general public .