The Decision to Sell

"We know how difficult the decision to sell your hotel property or gastronomy establishment can be !“

Entscheidung zum Verkauf von Hotel, Schloss, Burg, Gasthof, Schigebiet, Golfplatz über ASPI AG

There are many reasons to sell your hotel property/gastronomy property

The hotel brokers at ASP Global Hotel Brokers receive between 80 and 100 requests a month from interested parties looking to buy hotel or gastronomy properties.There are many good reasons to decide to sell or lease your hotel or gastronomy establishment.

The main reasons for selling or leasing hotels are currently:

You can only sell your hotel once – make sure you choose the right partner to do so!

Once you have reached the decision to sell your property, it is imperative that you seek the support of an experienced and professional hotel broker. A normal property broker will be of little help, lacking the expertise, the national and international contracts, and the network and sales channels required to market your property professionally and in the appropriate channels. You are not merely trying to sell a property, but an economically viable business which prospective buyers are not likely to buy because it looks beautiful or appealing but rather because they need to be able to make a living, or want to make a profit from it. This is where our professional hotel brokers step in – they will illustrate to prospective buyers that they can be successful and earn money with your hotel! They will provide prospective buyers with an understanding of your business, offer help organising the financial side of the purchase and accompany both you and the buyer right up until the actual handover following the exchange of contracts.

If you want to work with the best then don’t look any further than ASP Global Hotel Brokers!

Auer/Springer/Partner (ASP) was established back in 1983 and has expanded internationally since then. With more than 725 national and international hotels exclusively on its books and a success rate of more than 75%, Auer, Springer & Partner (ASPI AG) is by far the most successful and most significant hotel real estate broker worldwide. The tourism consultants and expert real estate brokers at ASP understand how the regional, national and international tourism markets work. Our experienced team of experts are highly trained in the fields of tourism and real estate and possess expert market knowledge. Our unique network present in every strategically important tourist region worldwide is complemented by over 30 years of international experience and the personal dedication of each and every employee at Auer, Springer & Partner.

What happens after you contact us?

You have taken the first step and called us, sent us an email or filled in our application form for hotel owners. You are now registered with us and our hotel brokers will start by using the internet, marketing platforms, review sites and other sources to gain a first impartial impression of your property. At the same time we will process your data and send you and brochure for property owners which explains who we are, how we work and how we can help you. At this point we will also send a draft of our contract for your perusal – you will see we have nothing to hide.

Once you have looked through both of these and decided you would be interested in working with ASP, then please contact us and we will arrange a non-binding and confidential appointment at your property. We will be able to answer any questions you may have about selling or leasing your hotel or gastronomy property. There are no taboo questions– when it comes to selling or leasing hospitality businesses, openness and transparency form the basis of any successful cooperation. Our hotel brokers will use benchmarks to illustrate the price you can expect to gain for your property in the current market. They will explain how we envisage marketing your property and how ASP would go about doing this. Our expert brokers will also be happy to answer in detail any questions you may have concerning confidentiality, dealings with your staff, visitations, checks on prospective buyers and lessees, etc.

As the market leader in hotel real estate, special-purpose properties, historic properties and infrastructure we are aware that professionalism and confidentiality are of particular importance. As international business consultants we are legally obliged to act in a professional and confidential manner and yet, above and beyond this legal obligation, we see these factors as the most important prerequisites for successfully marketing your property.

It is up to you – we are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you!