ASP Hotel Real Estate Agent- Your Reputable Partner

"You can recognize a reputable hotel broker by the fact that they will not try to get you to buy or lease the most expensive hotel, but will show great interest in your wishes, needs and requirements. Moreover, they will also advise you against a purchase or a lease if they believe the hotel property is not right for you and would not bring you success!"

ASP your reputable partner and broker in hotel affairs

The purchase and lease of a hotel, hotel real estate, or restaurant real estate must be carefully considered so that buyers or tenants can both enjoy their property and secure economic success. We have been advising and supporting prospective hotel and gastronomy property buyers and lessees since 1983. The experienced ASPI hotel brokers and tourism consultants enjoy taking their time to provide every prospective client with neutral and professional expert support and advice. Such a stance enables us to find the real estate that best meets your demands, requirements, wishes, possibilities and abilities while still remaining within budget.

Neutral and professional expert hospitality advice from ASPI hotel real estate and tourism experts

All ASP (Auer, Springer & Partner) hotel brokers and hospitality consultants have many years’ experience in the hospitality industry, in controlling, in consultancy and in the evaluation, assessment and processing of hotel and hospitality real estate. The brokers at ASP can provide future hotel owners, tenants, or investors with all the relevant important documents concerning a property; occupancy rates, upcoming renovation works, personnel levels, land and ground plans of the hotel real estate, energy performance certificates as well as business analysis from the past 3 years, debt etc. We can also address issues such as the future development of the hotel, the promising direction of the hotel, the form of hotel operation, and can inform you about the hospitality sector in a given region. This means that buyers or tenants can be sure that the purchase price or the lease rate is reasonable and that they can build their financial future upon such a foundation. Hotel investors can also be sure they have made a safe financial investment.

Financing hotel and restaurant properties

Of course the ASP Global hotel brokers and hotel consultants can also aid in the financing of hotel and hospitality real estate. We can also assess whether a lease-purchase would be a viable option for prospective hoteliers. This variant has become very popular, due in part to the very restrictive policy of banks when granting money for hotel properties. For more information contact the experienced hotel brokers at Auer, Springer Partner in the strictest confidence.

Our range of hotel and restaurant real estate properties

The leading international hotel broker ASP Global Hotel brokers constantly has between 600 and 900 hotel and restaurant properties on offer. Some of which can be found on our homepage, a large number of properties are strictly confidential and dozens of hotel and gastronomy properties are still being processed for sale. This means that we have not yet begun with the sale of the hotels, but have all the property particulars at hand. For example, we might know 8, 12 or 18 months in advance that a particular hotel will become available, if the seller wishes to continue to run it themselves until then.

ASPI AG service package for the purchase, lease, investment of hotel and restaurant real estate

ASP Real Estate Consulting:

ASP Strategic Consulting:

Some parameters and questions regarding hotel real estate that should be discussed with your hotel broker:

Type of purchase and operation:

A.) Self-operation: purchase, rental-purchase, lease, rental, management
B.) Pure investment / capital investment


Country, state, tourism region, city, city size according to inhabitants, importance of city (state capital, etc.)

Ski area, coastal region, prominent ski or beach resort


City, downtown, outskirts, close to the city, fair, railway station, airport, rural, village, panoramic location, accessibility, on the beach or close to the beach, quiet, lively, very busy, secluded

Property type:

Hotel plot, hotel project, individual hotel, hotel group

Type of hotel or gastro real estate:


Number of rooms, number of beds, plot sizes, meeting capacity, restaurant seating

Quality / category

Star rating

Condition and development:

Conditon, expansion options, lot size

Purchase price:

Planned purchase price range, price per room, price per bed, X factor of sales, X factor of the yearly lease


Available equity, investment capital, available collateral and guarantees for lease objects


Yield expectations for self-management, expected returns on investment