ASP is Looking for Hotels and Gastronomy Properties to Sell

“ASP property brokers are always on the look out for appealing hotels, guesthouses, apartment buildings, resorts, hotel projects and plots of land to sell or to lease!”

ASPI AG is looking for hotels, castles, motels for sale

When it comes to selling or letting hotels and gastronomy properties the expert brokers at Auer, Springer & Partner (ASP Global Hotel Brokers) have been one of the most important ports of call for the owners of hotels, guesthouses, hotel building plots and other hospitality businesses since 1983. Over 30 years of experience in all tourism sectors mean we guarantee a professional and discretion approach. An extraordinary network of investors, banks, prospective buyers, registered customers, and an extensive international sales and marketing network for hotel and gastronomy properties provide ideal conditions for successfully selling or leasing your property.

1.) We are looking for hotels and hospitality businesses to sell and to lease

ASP Global Hotel Brokers currently has around 725 hotels exclusively available for sale; in all sizes, categories, price ranges and in more than 50 countries. Nevertheless, we still have prospective buyers for whom we have not yet been able to find a hotel or gastronomy business as there are simply no suitable properties currently available for sale or lease in their preferred region. This applies in particular to many regions of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy, the southern France, but also to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Great Britain and France.

We are currently urgently looking for all kinds of hotel in cities across Europe: full service hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartment hotels and boarding houses of all sizes and conditions. We are also urgently looking for offices or residential buildings that could be turned into hotels, boarding houses, or halls of residence. There is currently significantly more demand for hotels from prospective buyers than we are able to meet. For example, we currently have 114 requests from prospective buyers (with proof of funding) who wish to buy or lease a hotel in Munich. There is also urgent demand for hotels and hotel building plots in the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Hanover.

There are a number of hotel groups looking for hotels for sale or to lease in German towns with over 60,000 inhabitants.

We also have countless requests for hotels in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Vienna, Rome, Paris, London, Prague, Budapest, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Belgrade, Zagreb, Athens and Istanbul. Our international investors are also keen on buying, leasing and investing in New York hotels.

We are also looking for classic holiday and leisure hotels and holiday resorts in all regions.

We are glad of anyone who entrusts us with the sale of any good holiday hotel, wellness hotel, boutique hotel, business hotel, conference hotel, palace hotel, bed and breakfast hotel, etc. Beach hotels, hotels near lakes, holiday hotels in well-known ski resorts or bathing resorts are currently in very high demand and can be marketed with very high asking prices

It does not matter if your hotel is already successfully leased
This is not necessarily a disadvantage, on the contrary, a good lessee can be a great advantage to any prospective investor who is looking for an investment opportunity without wanting to run the hotel themselves.

Our hotel brokers also welcomes hotels to sell from hotel chains, funds, banks, insurance provides, municipalities and insolvency administrators!

For many years now the expert brokers at ASP Global Hotel Brokers have been working closely with many national and international hotel chains, real estate investment trusts, banks and insurance providers to sell and lease out hotels. These corporations and insurance providers value the professional, discreet, success-oriented and focused manner in which our hotel brokers work.

One of Auer, Springer & Partner’s particular success stories is our longstanding cooperation with banks and insolvency administrators throughout Europe to sell ailing hotel properties and hospitality businesses. We have been able to find a viable new owner or reliable lessees for at least 120 hotels and gastronomy properties in serious financial difficulties either before, during or directly following insolvency proceedings. Many insolvency administrators, lawyers and bank settlement centres rely on the expertise of our tourism experts and entrust us with the sale or lease mandate for ailing hotels.

Alternative selling options:

The sale and lease back of hotels is currently a popular option. This can be a viable alternative in cases where, for example, extra capital is needed to fund an extension or expansion. All that this means is that the hotel owner sells his hotel(s) to a financial investor only to lease it back and continue to manage it. After all nobody knows the hotel like they do. This can be particularly successful in profitable businesses and is often used in larger hotels when a new generation takes over, so as to guarantee a nest egg for the senior owner in old-age.

A so-called "hire sale" can be a similarly attractive option for hotel owners and often favourable in terms of taxation. To this end ASP has developed a number of creative and successful hire sale models which have proven successful. These models use monthly lease rates to buy a hotel. To start out with the hotel buyer/lessee will make a large deposit of around 20% to 30% and a high proportion of the monthly lease rates then serve as purchase installments. After a few years the original lessee will become the new hotel owner. The advantage for the original owner is that they remain legal property owner until the very last installment has been paid. The advantage for the buyer is that, with a lot of hard work, they can quickly fulfil their dream of becoming a hotel owner but with significantly less initial capital than is required for traditional buying models.

The hotel brokers at ASP Global Hotel Brokers, under the leadership of Bodo Count of Hardenberg, Enikö Horvath, Susanne Ronnacher, Dr. Fritz Weiring and Allegra Vanderbilt in Munich, Vienna, Budapest and in Zürich look forward to hearing from scores of hotel owners who wish to sell or lease their hotels. ASP is ideally positioned on the global market place to do so, has the most experienced hotel experts and hotel brokers for the task, and with around 725 hotel properties on its books and 75% of properties sold within 8 to 11 months, it is by far the largest and most successful hotel broker worldwide.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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