We Are Passionate about Selling Unique Properties

"We are passionate about selling hotels, palaces, castles, ski resorts, golf courses, spas and luxury properties etc. and are looking forward to selling your property!” “

Makler für Hotels, Schigebiete, Golfplätze, Schlösser, Ferienparks

The experienced and professional expert brokers at ASP Global Hotel Brokers & Luxury Properties have one passionselling and leasing hotel and hospitality properties, palaces, castles and other historic properties, looking for buyers and investors for leisure and sports properties (ski resorts, golf courses, spas, recreational parks) and selling luxury real estate and unique properties (lighthouses, dream plots of land, private islands, hunting lodges, etc.).

Since 1983 the successful business consultants, hotel and property brokers at Auer/Springer/Partner (ASPI AG) have been working hard to develop and maintain a worldwide network of buyers, investors, sales and distribution channels, financial partners, etc. Our contact to more than 140 hotel chains worldwide, more than 450 banks and insurance providers, to hundreds of funds, private offices and family trusts, private and institutional investors ensures direct communication channels and the quickest possible sale.

Whenever we do something at ASP, we do it with passion, expertise and enjoyment – this is almost definitely the key to our success. We offers sellers and buyers all-round professional advice and provide a unique worldwide network of sellers, buyers, investors, lessees, lessors and institutions. 

The property team

Our first step is always to assign a designated team to each property. This team consists of a real estate manager, who is in charge of proceedings; a tourism expert in the case of hotels; an expert broker with a historical background for palaces and castles; a specialist for leisure real estate in the case of ski resorts, golf courses, etc.; as well as at least two administrative staff and a graphic designer who create property marketing material, answer customer queries, compile offers, update property search engines, edit images, research and write reports, co-ordinate appointments, etc. This means that for any one property at least four people are involved in one way or another. In the case of hotel chains, ski resorts, extensive palace complexes and other complex projects a team is more likely to consist of between 8 and 12 individuals. 

Property intake

The respective property team then sets about recording in detail the particulars of the palace, hotel, ski resort or of whichever property they have been entrusted to sell or lease. The team will work very closely with the current owner who knows the property best and has left their mark on it. This team of property specialists and experts will then compile an extremely detailed marketing plan and start trying to sell or lease the property. The property can be marketed nationally or internationally. Our expert brokers provide prospective customers with property marketing material in up to 18 languagest.

Property marketing

Property marketing material is divided into material with full disclosure, partial disclosure and anonymous material which may be distributed according to the authorisation level of the ASP employee in question and the criteria fulfilled by the prospective buyer/lessee. Only serious prospective potential buyers whose identity has been verified and for whom we have proof of sufficient funds are given access to property marketing material with full disclosure, balances, occupancy rates and floor plans, etc. We will only ever show serious prospective buyers/lessees around your property and always verify that they have access to sufficient financial means before doing so! For some properties we even require interested parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before embarking on negotiations.

Trust, loyalty, fairness, professionalism and a strict focus on selling or leasing your property – that is our promise, our passion and our aim.