What Do Our Hotel Brokers Need from You?

“To market your hotel or gastronomy property professionally our hotel brokers need data, facts, figures, photos, transparency and honesty”

ASP needs documents and information to sell your hotel, castle, leisure real estate

You have chosen Auer, Springer & Partner / ASP Global Hotel Brokers to sell or let your property! Both parties have signed the ASPI AG broker contract. Congratulations, you are now in safe hands. The following explains what information your ASP hotel broker now requires from you.

Your property in facts and figures

After signing our contracts you will receive a comprehensive form to complete about your property. This encompasses so-called hard-facts such as the total area, useable floor space, number of rooms, restaurants, leisure and wellness facilities, extras, location, distances, customer terraces, number of seats, etc. We also require information about the condition of the building, its facilities and fittings. Any necessary renovation works, cosmetic or substantial damages, weaknesses or problems should also be recorded. Any development potential, hidden reserves, particular strengths or assets – give us as much information as possible! Your hotel broker will be happy to help you complete this form and is always available to answer any queries you may have.

Your property in legal terms

Lawyers and notaries require land registry record numbers, identifiers, size, etc. when drawing up sales and lease contracts. Who is the owner of the property? Who is the manager of the property? It is advisable to gather all current land registry entries, commercial registry records and statements concerning any outstanding bank loans and to pass these on to your hotel broker as soon as possible, who will treat them with the utmost confidentiality.

Your property in terms of occupancy and sales

We also require occupancy figures, business figures, balances, management analysis, etc. from the last three years. It goes without saying that these and all other documents will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and only passed on to eligible prospective buyers and lessees. We will discuss and agree the details of this with you if they have not already been agreed upon as part of our broker contract.

Your property in photos and colours

We want to show your property in the best possible light so please provide your expert broker at Auer, Springer & Partner with the best photos you have. From outside, inside and from above. The more you have the more our marketing material designers and property brokers have to play with. Photos with a resolution of 72 dpi must be at least 1,000 pixels in width, although larger photos are preferable. Your graphic designer, hotel photographer or the agency which created your homepage will normally be able to provide you with the best photos. You can either request these yourself or authorize your hotel broker to request them on your behalf.

Your property in contracts and agreements

Getting hold of this information usually requires the most effort, but as we normally only require this information when completing the sale/lease of your hotel/gastronomy property, this is usually not a problem. We require a detailed inventory of all the rooms in your business and a collation of all contracts and agreements related to your property and business. Electricity, water, oil/gas/wood, maintenance contracts, telephone, travel agency contracts, booking platform contracts, contracts with beverage and food produce suppliers, leasing contracts, credit contracts and much more. It goes without saying that your hotel broker is ready and willing to aid and assist you in this matter.

As you can see, our hotel brokers are dependent on your cooperation. Trust is the basis of all our dealings and the honesty of both parties a prerequisite.