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"ASP Global Luxury Properties & Castles is the perfect partner for the purchase of historic real estate, palaces, castles, city palaces, mansions, monuments, and luxury real estate!"

ASP Castle Broker Schlossmakler expert real estate agent for castles

The purchase of a historic property, a palace, a castle or a city palace or mansion, or a luxury property must be carefully considered if it is to become your pride and joy. The highly experienced ASP brokers specializing in historic property and castles are happy to take the time to help you find the property that best meets your requirements, wishes, possibilities, capabilities and your budget.

ASP Global Luxury Properties is directed by Bodo Count of Hardenberg and specialises in the brokerage and sale of historic real estate, luxurious properties and unique real estate in the most beautiful places in the world. For many years now ASP has been able to boast an outstanding reputation for the successful brokerage of all kinds of castles and palaces of all conditions in almost all European countries. Every year, we sell about 45 castles and palaces throughout Europe to new owners. The ASP castle brokers are thus international market leaders in this area. ASP currently has some 85 castles and palaces and 120 luxury and unique properties available for sale.

We kindly request that serious prospective buyers for a palace or a castle contact our specialist brokers directly, because due to confidentiality reasons, only a very small percentage of the castles and historic real estate available for sale are on our home page. Then you can speak to Mr. Bodo Count of Hardenberg and his team directly mentioning all your wishes, ideas etc. for your dream castle. We will then present you with the properties that meet your requirements. We will also accompany you with professionalism and expertise every step of the way from property viewings, to credit assessments, the purchase contract, and right up to the actual handover.

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